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.. dry mouth..   
03:16pm 01/11/2003
  Hmm.. well, I've started college. That explains the lack of posts. It's.. alright. I LOVE my school but I hate doing the work.

I had to go to a cultural event last night for my University 101 class. I decided to go see the ballet for Dracula. I made my friend Rachel go along. We sat in our seats for about fifteen minutes, waiting for the ballet to start. Deciding that this sucked, we ditched the show and went to Goatfeathers instead. Fun. They had the best chicken caesar salad ever.

I have the ticket stub and program to prove I went to the show even though I didn't watch it. Hopefully the professor won't ask questions about the damn thing. We met up with a guy from my class before the show. He and Rachel didn't get off on the right foot. So when we ditched the ballet, I didn't say anything to him. Hope he's not pissed.

Our air conditioner is broken. It's really hot. The windows are open.. but it's not helping too much.

Have homework to do. Too lazy to do it though. Too lazy = story of my life.

.. i could DIE..   
11:11am 19/08/2003
mood: pissed off
Hey Mrs. ******!

How's Health Occupations 2 going? I hope you don't mind me emailing

Mrs. ******, I'm going to cause severe pain to myself. I went for my
pre-pharmacy registration meeting back in June. I registered for my
classes and had one of the big shots at the pharmacy school check my
schedule (like I was supposed to) before I left. He said everything
was fine and worked out. I was having problems fitting in my English
101 class but I worked it out.

My dad took me up to campus yesterday to show me where my classes
were located. Before I left, I was checking out my schedule to see
what buildings my classes were in... and what do I see? My Monday
Chemistry lab OVERLAPS with my Biology class. Yes. I about cried. I
called the pharmacy department yesterday and today. There were about
three Chemistry 111 classes open but none of them work with my
schedule. I talked to Dr. Buff and he basically said I'm
screwed. All the classes are full. He's going to talk to the
Department of Math and Science, since they have the power of
overriding classes, and see if they can do anything for me. If they
can't, I have to wait until students start dropping classes.

If I have to wait that long, I'm going to drop one of the sciences.
I'm going to take some kind of elective that fits into my curriculum.
If I wait until students start dropping classes, I'm going to be
behind in some science class. I'll have to take one of my first
sciences next semester, and the second science during with summer.
Along with 2 other classes, I couldn't fit into my schedule earlier.

I could die. I still have to tell my dad. He's going to have a fit.
Mrs. ******, please make me feel better.. ?


I started crying over the phone talking to Dr. Buff. Now, my head hurts. Why, why, why? I hate this school already. .. I just want to hurt myself.
shopping, death, computers, and OOPS! accidental anal..   
06:13pm 13/08/2003
mood: tired
On Sunday, I went with my boyfriend and his family to eat at Ryan's. We went and saw The Hulk. It sucked. His family left. He and I stayed to see Bringing Down The House. That was a good movie. I think it's going on my Christmas list.

On the way home we stopped to have sex. Everything was fine until oops! He accidentally slid into the wrong hole. Ouch. I sat up real fast and said "OUCH!" really loud. I ended up crying. After a few minutes, it didn't hurt so bad. I was sore for a few days but now I'm alright.

On Monday morning, I woke up to find that my step-aunt Donna had died. I'm not going to get into how she died because no one really knows the exact cause for sure. It was something to do with her liver though. My grandpa had called her house on Thursday night but her mom said that she wasn't feeling well and had gone to bed. Her mom took her to the emergency room on Friday and she died there. We went to the funeral home Monday evening but we didn't make it to the funeral. I didn't know her real well but whenever I did see her, she was always nice to me.

Yesterday, my Gateway notepad came! I was so excited because I was supposed to get it the day before fall classes started. It's cool. We're still getting all the programs uploaded and such.

Mom and I went to Dillard's today. We bought her something to wear for the pre-pharmacy open house on Sunday. I got two shirts and a really pretty dress. It looks like one of last season's prom dresses. It was pink and covered in sequins. We also went into two thrift stores. I found a fairy tale book and Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. We went to the library also.

I ordered the Hanson cd on.. Tuesday, I think. It said it would take 2-3 days shipping so it should be here by Saturday.

My overage from paying tuition should be coming in the mail soon. I thought I got it today but it was a bill telling me I owed twenty dollars for my parking permit. Poo heads. I think I'm going to buy my books on Friday.

.. tired.
chicken soup for the... HUNGRY soul?   
11:32pm 09/08/2003
mood: hungry
I couldn't think of anything to do in my art sketchbook today. I ripped out a lot of cool ads but I didn't know what to do with them.

.. and I think I'm getting a cold. My nose has been stopped up a lot lately and I just sneezed three times in a row.

Went to Krispy Kreme today and I ate a key lime doughnut. Mmm.. lime.

Just microwaved a cup of chicken noodle soup. I was going to eat some crackers with it. They were in the bottom cupboard. I pulled it out and there was a hole in the package.. a mouse size hole. I threw the crackers away.

Stupid mouse.
.. close our eyes, PRETEND to FLY   
04:19pm 06/08/2003
mood: thirsty
I heard Hanson perform "Penny and Me" on Jay Leno a few weeks ago. It sounded good but I couldn't understand a damn word Taylor was singing. Now that I've found the lyrics on the internet, I LOVE this song. They have such nice voices. "Close our eyes, pretend to fly.." I wish I could fly.. I can't wait until the acoustic album is released.

I ate lunch at Wendy's and bought some vitamin E from Eckerd's. I ran all over town looking for the Mary-Kate and Ashley issue of YM and I couldn't find it. Guess I'll have to buy it at work tomorrow.

.. I really feel like dancing now so I think I will.