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.. i could DIE..

Hey Mrs. ******!

How's Health Occupations 2 going? I hope you don't mind me emailing

Mrs. ******, I'm going to cause severe pain to myself. I went for my
pre-pharmacy registration meeting back in June. I registered for my
classes and had one of the big shots at the pharmacy school check my
schedule (like I was supposed to) before I left. He said everything
was fine and worked out. I was having problems fitting in my English
101 class but I worked it out.

My dad took me up to campus yesterday to show me where my classes
were located. Before I left, I was checking out my schedule to see
what buildings my classes were in... and what do I see? My Monday
Chemistry lab OVERLAPS with my Biology class. Yes. I about cried. I
called the pharmacy department yesterday and today. There were about
three Chemistry 111 classes open but none of them work with my
schedule. I talked to Dr. Buff and he basically said I'm
screwed. All the classes are full. He's going to talk to the
Department of Math and Science, since they have the power of
overriding classes, and see if they can do anything for me. If they
can't, I have to wait until students start dropping classes.

If I have to wait that long, I'm going to drop one of the sciences.
I'm going to take some kind of elective that fits into my curriculum.
If I wait until students start dropping classes, I'm going to be
behind in some science class. I'll have to take one of my first
sciences next semester, and the second science during with summer.
Along with 2 other classes, I couldn't fit into my schedule earlier.

I could die. I still have to tell my dad. He's going to have a fit.
Mrs. ******, please make me feel better.. ?


I started crying over the phone talking to Dr. Buff. Now, my head hurts. Why, why, why? I hate this school already. .. I just want to hurt myself.
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